Richard Oliver Jr. hails essential workers in “Hero” video

Richard Oliver Jr. tributes to those on the frontlines of COVID-19 with “Hero”, an acoustic hip hop anthem. Specifically focusing on New York and the state’s efforts on controlling the virus, Oliver Jr. travels around the city singing praise for all residents.

And, the music video for “Hero” only amplifies its message of gratitude.

As the New York skyline looms over footage of crossing the Hudson, audio of city leaders announcing the reduction in COVID cases throughout New York state ring triumphant. Masked up residents using safety precautions on public transportation emphasizes the communal nature of NYC’s fight against the pandemic. We are all in this together and only together can we beat it. As Oliver Jr. meanders around the city, you see time lapses of Union Station and bird’s eye views of skyscrapers and Central Park… all still in operation, all remaining bustling and alive. It takes more than a worldwide shutdown to take the heart out of New York.

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