Top Shelf Music News: Episode 17

With the rising cases of the Delta variant, the heat is on in the entertainment industry to keep music live! Top Shelf Music News hosts Matt Cook and Kristy Rose ride out this heat wave with you, bringing you the hottest new music releases, upcoming events and beyond.

Because we have no friends, there are no guests in this episode.

Perhaps we might have friends in the future? Will you be our friend? Dude, comment below if interested, we need to get out more. Seriously… we kinda just sit around in our dark, damp Top Shelf bat cave, pondering the days till we have financial freedom from making stupid videos for the Internet such as the one above and slipping slowly into madness. But, we can be cool. Super chill. Slide into our DMs and we will show you how chill we are. You know you want to. DMs are tight. PS, did someone say extra special Halloween episode…? Or, was that just the voices in our heads?

*DISCLAIMER*: Top Shelf Music News is meant to be a humorous newscast. We have taken the COVID-19 crisis seriously and wish all those afflicted — in any way — the best. Our moral values of ‘bringing only good vibes’ is applied through this news show in the encouragement of laughter in a time of global hysteria. Opinions expressed in each episode do not reflect the company at large. Cheers 🍻

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