WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. “Nuh Weh Like Yawd”

Jamaican artist Ras Fraser Jr. couples up his latest single “Nuh Weh Like Yawd” with a brand new music video — both out this week! The infectiously danceable track brightens any day (a much needed break from these trying times), transporting the listener to a party far, far away from reality. How far, you ask? Well, the tropical oasis of Jamaica — of course!

This is Jamaica, in all its enchanting glory.

In this world video premiere for “Nuh Weh Like Yawd” by 18 Karat Reggae, Fraser Jr. takes watchers on a crash course of his country, whether that be a bird’s eye view of the water or on the beach dancing with beautiful strangers. This is Jamaica, in all its enchanting glory. Nothing is “nicer than Yawd”! From tourism to Red Stripe, Ras Fraser Jr. reminds us all why Jamaica is the prime destination of choice. And, what better time to show off one of the world’s gems than when everyone is shut inside, restricted from travel in a drab existence without outside pleasures? Ras Fraser video, to the rescue!

Please enjoy the world premiere for “Nuh Weh Like Yawd” above and expect more from this reggae superstar soon. For more information on Ras Fraser Jr., see the links below.

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