The Sub Herbs, a native Florida band, has been making waves in the music industry over the past few years and their latest music video, “Unity,” is a testament to their nonstop journey. In this video premiere, viewers are treated to a captivating visual experience that showcases the band’s rise in the surf rock and reggae genres.

Produced and directed by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda, the music video offers a glimpse into a day in the life of The Sub Herbs, starting with their energetic performance at the iconic Reggae Rise Up Festival. Set against the stunning coastline of Florida, the video features two of the band’s members, drummer Harley Stafford and lead singer/guitarist Billy Smolinsky. Adding a touch of charm, Smolinsky’s young son joins them on a lifeguard tower, immersing himself in the music and creating adorable moments. The video then takes us behind the scenes, where the band members engage in a friendly game of beer pong, showcasing their camaraderie and laidback nature.

The narrative shifts again, this time to what appears to be Smolinsky’s house, where he plays the guitar while his son plays with toys. This scene represents the changing dynamics of life, highlighting how we seamlessly transition from one experience to the next, in a neverending flow.

The video cleverly captures this essence, reminding us that music has the power to bring people together from all walks of life.

True to its name, “Unity” emphasizes the importance of community and togetherness. The song resonates with listeners, urging them to “rise up to unite during every summer in every major city”. We are reminded of the roots of reggae. The Jamaican-founded genre has expanded into factions of reggae over the years: “white boy reggae”, “Cali reggae” “roots reggae”… despite this growth, reggae has always been about one thing — community. One Love. Cue scenes of Bob Marley, one of reggae’s pioneers, solidifying the notion that despite the drift from traditional reggae, the foundation remains the same. 

The Sub Herbs thus demonstrate their deep understanding and passion to carry on the message of reggae.

With “Unity,” The Sub Herbs have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to capture the spirit of reggae, ska, and surf rock in their music and visuals is evident, in both the musicianship as well as in their music video. As the band continues to rise, they inspire listeners to come together and embrace the power of unity through their infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The Sub Herbs is a shining example of how music can bridge gaps and unite people, reminding us of the timeless message that resonates through every beat and chord.

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