WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Black Bird Hum “World Keeps Spinning”

Leading Australian dub reggae band Black Bird Hum returns with a video for their latest “World Keeps Spinning” single! Set to release tonight via Color Red, “World Keeps Spinning” centers around the notion that our nine-to-fives can easily eat up our entire existence if we let them.

Every morning, you wake up with a choice to enjoy the world around you… or shut yourself off to technology and the work grind.

The choice is yours and Black Bird Hum wishes you to consider a balance. Masterfully produced by BBH players Jon Panic, Jeff Reiss and Tim Sampson, this bass-heavy two-chord track entices the listener, calming and soothing them from the start. Alluring flute, courtesy of Amy Nelson, further amplifies its charm. It’s time to slow down; it’s time to smell the roses. These claims are bolstered by powerful imagery in the new video, premiering exclusively today before it hits other digital outlets Friday, January 21st. Panic sings that we’re all “just gettin’ by” as the video’s protagonist pours sand out of a pitcher into a glass — a visual metaphor for the age old adage ‘like sand through the hourglass…’. It’s time to take an introspective look into our daily routine and see if we are really benefiting from what we’re doing.

The single, off Color Red, will be available as of TONIGHT on all digital outlets, as well as a b-side dub version by the band’s mixing engineer and longtime friend Ryan Gambrell entitled “World Keeps Dubbing”. Hit the pre-save links below to add to your reggae playlists! The band further collaborated with collage artist Curtis Bergesen (Collage the World) to produce the single’s breathtaking artwork. Also, make sure to follow this booming Sydney-based band on social media for more to come!

Pre-save “World Keeps Spinning” single:

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