WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Paige Keiner “Crying in the Drive Thru”

Paige Keiner‘s new music video for her single “Crying in the Drive Thru” is a playful visual representation of something almost everyone can relate to. That all too painful attempt to push through normal, everyday things  like ordering fast food while trying to cope with the crushing sadness of a breakup. 

The video opens with Paige distraught, eating from a jar of peanut butter as she flashes back to the happier moments of the relationship. As the video progresses she is seen driving up to a fast food restaurant in a vintage blue pick up, looking visibly upset, we quickly discover how the song got its name.

“This song was inspired by a time when I cried in a McDonald’s drive-thru while I was going through a breakup. It felt super embarrassing in the moment, but I ended up writing a really fun and upbeat song about it. I hope it can help remind listeners that it’s okay to have experiences like that, and that when enough time goes by you can usually find a way to look back and laugh about it.”

The video perfectly captures the essence of the song, which is all about finding humor in embarrassing or difficult situations. Keiner’s energy and charisma are infectious, and it’s impossible not to be drawn in by her playful, fun loving spirit. The bright colors, fast-paced editing, and clever visual gags all add to the fun, making for a music video that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Overall, “Crying in the Drive Thru” is a great addition to Paige Keiner’s growing catalog of pop/rock hits. It’s clear that she has a talent for turning personal experiences into relatable and catchy songs, and the music video only serves to enhance the song’s appeal. Whether you’re going through a breakup of your own or just looking for a fun and upbeat pop song to lift your spirits, “Crying in the Drive Thru” is definitely worth a listen.

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