WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: FènixDion “Morals Might Bite”

Rockers out of the Twin Cities, FènixDion, shine with this world premiere of not only their devilish new single “Morals Might Bite”, but a video to boot! Blending elements of alt rock and funk together, the result is a wily, wailing anthem with attitude… reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz or Prince circa his Musicology days. The track follows the release of “Sugar”, the lead single off the band’s forthcoming, debut, guitar-heavy album out October 21st, with frontman Keston Wright acoustically leading the charge. Wright gained initial novelty from playing in the band Static Panic before ultimately teaming with drummer Sam Bramble for an outpouring of songs on a more personal level for FènixDion. With the album getting notable reception, Wright, Bramble and the rest of the gang — Atom Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Gavin Taylor and Nii Mensah — return with a foxy, yet ferocious energy in “Morals Might Bite”.

Welcome to outlaw country, where wicked ones reign and “morals might bite”.

And, if the song doesn’t get you amped, wait till you watch the action-packed music video! Opening on an all-American cowboy type checking into a skivvy motel, a mysterious briefcase is laid on the bed. Little does the cowboy know he’s being watched and is in immediate danger. Hauling out of the scene before caught (with his belt at his boots, we might add), the man traverses the countryside, over train tracks, through bus stations and beyond seeking sanctity. Does he evade his pursuers? Do we find out what’s in the briefcase? Guess you gotta watch and find out.

FènixDion is clearly a band that you want to watch out for. With so much thrill in one song, how could you not become an instant fan?! For those who want more (and we know we do!!), make sure to follow the band via the social media links below.

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