WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Chris Bowen Vibes “Brand New”

Blues rock-infused reggae artist Chris Bowen Vibes feels “Brand New” in the new music video by Raised Fist Propaganda! Top Shelf Music has the privilege to premiere the official visualizer before it hits public channels, giving you a sneak peek of what Bowen brings to the table.

Bluesy meets beachy in this anthem of the born again.

A deep bass and acoustic guitar intertwine as Bowen describes how long he’s been “sitting… not knowing what to do” with his conscious self. From scenes of crashing waves in Ocean Beach, California to statues of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland in Central Park, Bowen has clearly traversed the land in search of self-actualization. This is all captured masterfully by video directed Jeff Pliskin, founder and CEO of Raised Fist Propaganda. The use of greyed out landscapes anywhere but the beach clearly implies that Bowen’s found his answer — possibly even his higher purpose. If there is one thing to soothe a wounded soul, it’s the vast majesty of the Pacific Ocean. Welcome to the west coast, Bowen… we’re all mad here.

Be the first to watch the video for “Brand New” above and don’t forget to follow both Chris Bowen Vibes and Raised Fist via the links below! See you on the otherside!

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