WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Joey Calderaio “Paradise”, feat. Sierra Lane

Reggae rock singer-songwriter Joey Calderaio teams with smooth songstress Sierra Lane in his new single “Paradise”, premiering its official music video today on Top Shelf Music before it goes public! A song we can all relate to, Calderaio shines as the voice of reason for all those 20-somethings and 30-somethings still working the grind while neglecting our passions.

If anyone knows the search of “Paradise”, it’s probably this Florida-based musician on the rise.

Calderaio tells the tale of a young woman constantly “running away” from her problems, only to find more. Warning of the consequences of “working 9 to 5” while neglecting the mind, Calderaio follows this lost soul on the pursuit of happiness, but, alas, working hard only leads to playing hard. Will this person ever find herself or will the cycle continue? Adding imagery to this allegorical tale is the brand new video by Roots Deep Productions! As a woman regretfully works a shift at a restaurant, only to get yelled at by her boss, Calderaio sits at the bar, singing the narrative. Always watching this woman, Calderaio is then the auto repairman when her car breaks down, only to be the Uber driver to pick her up from her abandoned vehicle. The woman (played by the lovely Sierra Lane) then goes home before deciding to go out and get “higher than the stratosphere” in order to cope with her malaise. She eventually finds herself getting pulled onstage at Calderaio’s show, happily singing alongside him in a moment of clarity. Is music her saving grace? Well… isn’t it everyone’s?

Be the first to tune into the new video for “Paradise” above and, for more information on Joey Calderaio and Sierra Lane, visit the social links below.

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