WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Jus Goodie “Herb Tree”

Reggae rock band Jus Goodie returns with an intoxicating video for their latest single, “Herb Tree”, premiering exclusively today on Top Shelf Music before it hits the public tomorrow on the band’s YouTube channel! With horns blaring against light keys, “Herb Tree” is a salute to not only a salute to hard-working people everywhere, but further the herbal remedy that gets them through the daily hustle.

From the grind to the grinder, Jus Goodie relishes in medicinal relaxation.

Release is just one smoke away. Chanting “herb tree, herb tree, blazing all the time”, Goodie gives thanks to the earth for blessing us with such a plant to make our minds shift “like a fast car changing lanes”. This appreciative message balanced against Zan’s melodic soprano vocals is enough to put anyone at ease after a long day. Adding imagery to sound, the new video for “Herb Tree” shows Goodie toiling away working at a car wash, only to come home to “light up a cone” accompanied by the beautiful Zan. Goodie’s flying dreads as he dances are juxtaposed with the cyclical crash of the ocean — a metaphor for marijuana washing over your senses like a wave. Let the stress subside and the fun start, you’ve earned it!

This elevating new video is brought to life by The Dank Street Company, with the song previously tracked and voiced by Jus Goodie at Rockaway Studio. Be the first to tune in today via the premiere above and be sure to follow Jus Goodie on social media for more!

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