WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Ras Fraser Jr. “Feel Good Today”

Ras Fraser Jr. returns in the new video for his forthcoming single “Feel Good Today”, premiering today ahead of its public release only on Top Shelf Music! The established Jamaican dancehall artist pays tribute to the late Slaughta Bone — an Atlanta legend gone too soon. Instead of dwelling in sadness for the loss, Ras Fraser Jr. chooses to give thanks to the many blessings life has to offer, like a fresh blunt rolled and ready in the morning or walking a fresh field of green.

Just the fact that night turned to morning is a blessing!

Yet, life doesn’t come easy to those who don’t cherish it. Ras Fraser Jr. makes sure to pray “every day to keep the devil away” and fill his life with love. “Take time out to know yourself and you will achieve,” Fraser Jr. chants. There isn’t an intricate equation to succeed in life — you simply get what you give.

“Feel Free Today” will be available to stream or purchase on all digital outlets on September 17th, so look out for that next month! In the meantime, enjoy the video above as you appreciate your world.

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