WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Wisdom and Sound “No Negative Vibes”

Reggae music has always been rooted in delivering vital messages of moral principle, preservation and sociopolitical advocacy. These are the ideologies that invigorate the music of Wisdom and Sound, the work of Andrew Mencher, best described as conscious reggae of the modern era. Fusing together the sounds of reggae, hip hop and rock, Mencher’s latest single “No Negative Vibes” is a hard-hitting tune that encourages positivity and the perseverance in obtaining one’s dreams. 

The message of staying determined — especially when times are difficult — should not be interpreted to simply act like everything is alright, but rather remain passionate about the things most important to us in a very realistic sense. Life is full of ups and downs, yet the balance is only achieved with consistency and not being negatively influenced by any person or thing. Wisdom and Sound truly believes that being authentic in your own thoughts and ideas is the ultimate commitment that we can make to ourselves. That is the true purpose of our existence.

Filmed separately due to the quarantine, Mencher and Dillinger make an unstoppable pair…

Mencher further states he is proud and humbled to have his debut video world premiere on Top Shelf Music! We couldn’t be happier to host the first in no doubt a long series of videos from this talented and driven reggae up-and-coming artist. “No Negative Vibes” was previously picked by Artist #HotList host Alexia Johnson as an official song of the week and further features an outstanding guitar performance by Blaine Dillinger, who is an extraordinary musician in his own right. Filmed separately due to the quarantine, Mencher and Dillinger make an unstoppable pair moving past production limitations in this music video — another great application of the track’s central theme.

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