Same Same But Different 2021: Day Two

After a frivolous Day One, everyone emerged out of their camping spots along Lake Perris for yet another crazy day of Same Same But Different Fest! I unfortunately was running a little late (with hopes to interview the boys of Capyac, who performed the night before), so when I arrived on the scene to set up my tent on Day Two, I was NOT ready for the giant party that had already begun in my absence. I also knew it was going to be hot, but this heat was intense (*hot face panting emoji*).

By the time I got my life squared away, it was time for Cofresi’s EDM drum solos!

The sun was setting, allowing a decline in temperature (thank the heavens), so slam-dancing and grooving to Cofresi‘s stage show didn’t have the maximum heat-strokey feels as the previous sets. It was time for the night rave! SSBD vet Megan Hamilton was up next, with a full wall of lights behind her. Everything was glow-in-the-dark and light-up by then, even with a full LED couch in the audience. The funky fresh jams of CloZee kept the party going, complete with live horns, before The Polish Ambassador got everyone ready for the main event of the evening — Big Gigantic! With newly found friends by my side, I raved the night away as lasers danced from the stage in between my fingers and into the night’s sky. What had started as a disastrous day had finished in the time of my life and I couldn’t wait to (finally) have a full SSBD day to come!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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