The ‘90-iest bands in existence’ head to Toronto this September

The ‘90-iest bands in existence’ head to Toronto this September

Back in the good old days, Tamagotchis ruled and jelly shoes were the height of sophistication… even though your feet were a pool of sweat in 3.2 seconds. We traded Hit Clips, slap bracelets and scrunchies at sleepovers, featuring Spice Girls karaoke (which Spice Girl were you??), a magic 8-ball and those obnoxiously orange Nickelodeon VHS tapes. In the days of yesteryear, we’d carefully scribe the lyrics to “MMMBop” in our Trapper Keeper, with a sparkly neon gel pen that we absolutely could not read 10 minutes later. Ah, yes… the ubiquitous screech of dial-up Internet. Then logging in to AIM and discovering your is crush online. Before you can come up with a witty one-liner, mom picks up the phone and totally wrecks your Internet connection. It was a simpler time. Cell phones resembled bricks and the only kind of trolling was the plastic type with wild neon hair. The 90s were unforgettable. And, if you ask any 90s kid, 90s music kinda still rules.

If the past year and a half has left you feeling a little ‘Blue’ (da-ba-dee), we’ve got big news!

From September 24th through 26th, Electric Circus is bringing back 90s royalty for a weekend extravaganza of epic proportions. This might be better than that time you discovered your collection of old Goosebumps novels stored in the dusty recesses of dad’s attic. Over three days, Electric Circus will feature a lineup of the “90-iest bands in existence” on the outdoor stage at Improve on Keele & Steeles in Vaughan. Friday night kicks off with a Freestyle Fiesta, featuring David Torres, Joee, Fito Blanko, Stevie B and Elvis Crespo. On Saturday, 90s Nostalgia is in full swing. They’re “Gonna Make You Sweat” early in the day, with C+C Music Factory, Thea Austin (of SNAP!), Alice DJ, Whigfield and S Club 7. “It’s a Beautiful Life”, because next up is Jenny Berggren (of Ace of Base), Eiffel 65, Haddaway, 2 Unlimited (“Get Ready!”), Vengaboys and Aqua. On Sunday, we’re treated to 90s Nostalgia: Rapcity Edition with Choclair, 4Korners, Karl Wolf, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Kardinal Offishal and Ludacris. Da bomb, no?

What are you waiting for?! Tickets start at just $70 for a single-day pass or $170 for the full weekend. So, go ahead and dig out that teeny tiny backpack, your Lip Smackers, a Ring Pop and some Dunkaroos. Ladies: crimp your hair and make sure to accessorize with at least 125 sparkly mini butterfly hair clips. We recommend a denim jacket over a crop top. Pair that with shorts of obnoxious patterns — the more neon, the better. Don’t forget the stretchy black tattoo choker that’s probably been sitting in the back of your drawer for the last 30 years (and will outlive your grandchildren’s children). Et voila! You’re hella fly. Bonus points if you bring along a hottie with frosted tips or a Discman loaded with a mix CD featuring the “Macarena”, “Baby Got Back” and/or “Tubthumping”. Finally, Mapquest your way to the venue and come dance your face off with us September 24 through 26th — booyah!

Top Shelf Music curated 90s Nostalgia playlist:

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