Chris del Camino calls for betterment in “Brighter Day”

Chris del Camino calls for betterment  in “Brighter Day”

Chris del Camino (of HIRIE) is more than just a hired horn. The suave saxophonist is further a singer-songwriter, helping on HIRIE tunes as well as his own! As of this week, del Camino has yet another brilliant solo single to offer — calling attention to much-needed subject matter, to boot!

Considering its inauguration week, “Brighter Day” couldn’t come at a better time.

This past year has been hard. We all know this. From global pandemics to financial hardships to racial clashes to misleading media tactics, Americans — in particular — have been put through the ringer. Yet, there is hope. Being a California resident, Chris del Camino has witnessed a lot of sociopolitical tensions rise in 2020, all amidst devastating forest fires and other natural disasters. Instead of focusing on the hardship, del Camino eagerly anticipates a “brighter day” for us all. “Everyday feels like I’m tired of livin’,” del Camino raps through layers of distortion, like he’s shouting through a megaphone at one of the ongoing protest marches. It may sound like he’s defeated, but del Camino is far from giving up, claiming it’s time to “fight for everything I believe in”.

Del Camino’s assertion on “the system” is right on the money: these violent acts against People of Color, this aggression towards those with dissenting opinion, this growing political divisiveness is due to generations of systemic racism within cities, the intentional manufacturing and spread of public misinformation and downright poor leadership at this country’s highest level. Enough is enough. We’re smarter than this! Del Camino asks us to take a deep breath, band together and enact a self-sustainable social system by putting down our egos and our weapons.

Surrender to peace. Submit to humility. Stop throwing stones.

Combining hip hop elements with funk, jazz and gospel, “Brighter Day” is the mantra you want to be singing from here on out. The sun will rise again, birds chirping and all. Make sure to follow Chris del Camino on social media for future tracks like this one, as “Brighter Day” is now available on all digital platforms.

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