Collie Buddz releases “Love & Reggae” single

Bermuda sensation Collie Buddz is back in action with his latest “Love & Reggae” off Ineffable Music Group – a song about, well, the good life. If you aren’t aware of Collie Buddz’ impressive career thus far, let’s just say his 2007 debut album sealed the deal for him to be a lifelong reggae great. Forever. Since then, Collie Buddz has been par for the course, pumping out a couple EPs before dropping his long-awaited sophomore full-length last year. The LPs might span a decade, yet fans know they never have to wait too long for new Buddz jams and the recent single proves his dedication.

“Love & Reggae” is deep and dubby – much more vibey than CB’s standard poppy persona.

“Love & Reggae” is deep and dubby – much more vibey than CB’s standard poppy persona. “I don’t know about you, but I can only live my life one way,” states Collie Buddz, and that’s going to include weed and reggae. Oh, and his woman. Straight and to the point, Collie Buddz brings to the surface what most men want: I’ll be a happy man if I get to “smoke, drink and love my girl to some reggae”. Why want any more than that? From Bermuda to California, it doesn’t matter where Collie Buddz resides, this simple recipe will bring lifelong contentment in his eyes. This track also brings novel meaning to the phrase “kinky reggae”, that’s for sure… With EDM keys paired to bubble organ, the background’s light and uplifting tonality creates a yin and yang style to CB’s deep vocals; the sensuality that’s rendered as a result is titillating. If this track is leading to yet another banger Buddz album, fans will certainly not be disappointed.

“Love & Reggae” is now available on all digital outlets and, considering it’s summer festival season, Collie Buddz is naturally on a Love & Reggae Tour throughout mid-September, ending (at this time) at Victorville’s Reggae on Route 66 Music Festival. As one of the artists who never seems to stop touring, one could only ascertain that a fall or winter tour will most likely be announced shortly. For more information, please visit

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