Kash’d Out creates waves with acoustic double single

Kash’d Out creates waves with acoustic double single

Reggae rockers Kash’d Out have returned with the drop of two singles: acoustic versions of “Good at Gettin’ By”, along with “The Dream”. The singles come ahead of the release of their new acoustic album Casual Encounters, planning to hit virtual shelves on March 5th, 2021 under the band’s new home, LAW Records. Bringing the vibes straight out the heart of the Sunshine State, Kash’d Out has built a name for themselves far beyond the city limits of Orlando. The guys have been hitting the reggae scene hard since the release of their debut album in 2017, The Hookup, which caught the eye of reggae giants and officially put the band on the map. It also launched them into nationwide tours, as the band now regularly plays alongside heavyweights like Less Than Jake, Pepper, Ballyhoo! and many more.

2021 holds so much promise for Kash’d Out and these new tunes do everything right to get the party off to a great start!

Grooving into the New Year with their signature energy and sound, Kash’d Out fires off with a brand new version of “Good at Gettin’ By”; stripped down to a more bare minimum sound, the song still features the usual drums, keys, bass, guitar setup we are used to. However, you can instantly notice the missing elements from the original version of the song released back in 2019. While it may be missing those few distinct elements, it in no way diminishes the quality of the song. Kash’d Out took away just what they needed to in order to make this song still work, while adding in just a touch of acoustic flair. The lyrics continue to hold true, regardless of how the band wants to play the song. Most of us these days can relate to the feeling of just getting by. And, getting pretty good at it. It opens up a viewpoint that gets mentioned in the song: some people have way more than they need and, for some reason, still don’t feel like they have enough, while some find a way to be perfectly content with that they have. Money doesn’t solve everything. Problems will still be there, so just find a way to be grateful and just get by. There is a feeling of gratitude and humility that comes with the acceptance that all you need are good friends, good times and maybe some good weed. 

“The Dream” is more of a traditionally done acoustic song… just lead singer Greg Shields and an acoustic guitar, reminiscing over past love. The song spends the majority of its time reflecting, thinking about how some things are just destined to end. Regardless of how much of a “dream” it was. Some relationships get to a point where nobody is going to change any minds — the path has run its course. You can remember all of the good times you used to have, but it just comes out to be nothing more than memories. Despite great, memories can also hold you back. To me the song serves as a bit of a cautionary tale, of how holding onto things that are already over can drag you down and make you think things you don’t want/need to be thinking. Its simplicity still carries a heavy message that comes across perfectly.

Kash’d Out has delivered two solid singles in what can only be the start of great things to come from Casual Encounters. Be sure to catch your copy when the album gets dropped everywhere on March 5th!

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Cover photo by Justin Bradley Visuals

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