WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Piper Street Sound “Black Eyed Peace”, feat. Andy Bassford

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Piper Street Sound “Black Eyed Peace”, feat. Andy Bassford

Atlanta producer Piper Street Sound (born Matt Mansfield) has teamed with legendary Reggae guitarist Andy Bassford to render an entire collaborative EP! The instrumental project — filled with PSS’ signature horn-heavy dub style, along with new keys and an abundance of tape delays, analog effects and beyond — kicks off today with the world premiere of the forthcoming EP’s lead single, “Black Eyed Peace”.

Shifting the focus to guitar, “Black Eyed Peace” tells an uplifting instrumental story of love and harmony.

Andy Bassford (of Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Culture, Roots Radics) is one masterful guitarist. Add his talent to Piper Street Sound’s affinity for classic Reggae and Dub of the 1970s and 80s, and you get one seamless grooving experience! Starting off with melodic and light keys over heavy bass, “Black Eyed Peace” immediately puts the listener in a happy place — one of opportunity, relaxation and acceptance. The attention then segues to guitar, where Bassford jams a blissful solo, bending steel notes slightly to emit an old-school island surf rock sound. Horns then take over, with contrasting harsh tonalities, making the listener realize the sanctity they were just immersed in came after a long uphill battle fought. Peace is not achieved easily or overnight; it is a long and tumultuous road to overcome systemic stereotypes, racism and biases.

Black Eyed Peace — both the single and the EP — couldn’t come at a better time. Following Piper Street Sound’s 2020 EP, Small Plate/Rid Them, you can tell that Mansfield has grown as an artist in reaction to the pandemic and the current state of the world. Music can truly unite the world for change, if we so choose to let it. With this in mind and coinciding with this official world premiere is the official pre-order for the EP, now available via the links below. Be the first to hear “Black Eyed Peace” before it hits digital outlets tomorrow and make sure to snag a pre-order of the EP while you’re at it!

Exclusive world premiere of Piper Street Sound’s “Black Eyed Peace”, feat. Andy Bassford:

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Cover photo by Allie Mansfield

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