GRAMMY-winning hit by Miley Cyrus gets reggae makeover

GRAMMY-winning hit by Miley Cyrus gets reggae makeover

Miley Cyrus’s GRAMMY-winning hit “Flowers” has been given a vibrant reggae makeover, courtesy of Doah’s Daydream and Sol Turpin (of Safety Orange). This unexpected collaboration between the soulful singer-songwriter and the latter musical mastermind behind Reggae Hit Masters has resulted in a fiery rendition that is sure to set all playlists ablaze.

Doah’s Daydream infuses the chart-topping track with her signature soulful vocals, adding depth and emotion to the already beloved melody; Sol’s mastery in crafting reggae covers of popular hits also shines brilliantly in this rendition of “Flowers.” His expert arrangements and meticulous attention to detail ensure that each beat resonates with authenticity and groove, enhancing the song’s appeal. Together, Doah and Sol have woven a rendition that pays homage to the original while injecting it with their own distinct flavor: seamlessly blending pop sensibilities of the original with rhythmic allure of reggae beats.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Doah expressed her excitement about venturing into her first cover song, relishing the opportunity to explore new harmonies and vocal styles. This endeavor marks her inaugural foray into cover songs and the enthusiasm radiates through every note. The collaborative process, highlighted by the harmonies and vocals, was evidently a labor of love, resulting in a rendition that breathes new life into the mega-popular hit.

The sheer joy and creativity poured into the project are palpable, promising an unforgettable listening experience for fans old and new.

This reggae rendition of Miley Cyrus‘ “Flowers” is a testament musical reinvention, offering a fresh perspective on a familiar favorite. Its versatility, of both artists involved and the song itself, transcends genres to deliver a sound that’s tailor-made for summer vibes. With its infectious groove and irresistible charm, this cover is sure to find a place on every reggae enthusiast’s playlist.

Doah’s Daydream Links: Website | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Safety Orange Links: Website | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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