Rebelution releases highly-anticipated ‘Dub Collection’

Rebelution releases highly-anticipated ‘Dub Collection’

Rebelution dropped a new album after nearly two years, collecting some of their bangers from all of their past albums and dubbing them out — hence the name of their project, Dub Collection. The Santa Barbara reggae rock band took some of the favorites from previous projects (including as far back as their 2007 debut album, Courage To Grow) and remixed them with more echoes, drum and bass sections, and reverbs.

15 new, never-been-heard Rebelution dub tracks for a settle-down-easy summer.

The band previewed the dub album earlier this month by dropping a “Settle Down Easy Dub” single, which drew from their 2018 album, Free Rein. Rebelution then dropped their entire 15-song collection two weeks later on July 17th. The band has recorded dub versions to their songs in the past, such as “Safe and Sound Dub” on their Courage To Grow album and “More Than Dub” on their 2009 Bright Side of Life album. These songs were not repeated or remixed in Dub Collection, however.

Rebelution’s Good Vibes Summer Tour 2020 has been postponed till next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, make sure to grab your tickets for the 2021 tour, because reggae of all kinds will be hitting a city near you soon, from bands such as The Green, Steel Pulse, Keznamdi, DJ Mackle and other special guests!

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Track listing:

  1. Attention Span Dub
  2. City Life Dub
  3. Feeling Alright Dub
  4. Green to Black Dub
  5. Hate to Be the One Dub
  6. Inhale Exhale Dub
  7. Lazy Afternoon Dub
  8. Legend Dub
  9. Mirage Dub
  10. Moonlight Dub
  11. More Love Dub
  12. Roots Reggae Music Dub
  13. Settle Down Easy Dub
  14. Suffering Dub
  15. Those Days Dub

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