Matisyahu’s Spain festival controversy

Recently, Matisyahu found himself under a sort of crossfire when an annual reggae music festival taking place from August 15 to August 22 in Valencia, Spain withdrew his performance on the last day! The festival reportedly supports a movement called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), which is an international campaign that begun in 2005 and […]

Layne Tadesse ‘For The Love’ review

Layne Tadesse, who is based out of Southern California, has come out with a solo EP called For The Love. If one thinks of Tadesse’s high energy, then he or she will surely find the same energy on his new solo album. The album continues with more packed energy and awareness to keep striving The […]

Thrive self-titled EP review

Thrive from Santa Cruz, California has come out with an EP just released on July 7th. Staying true to their unique reggae-rock sound and various influences, the band once again releases an album true to their roots. Not only is it highly-influenced from the California lifestyle, it is a highly creative album. Not only is […]

Fortunate Youth & Arise Roots at the Belly Up

Two bands from Los Angeles, California came down to Solana Beach in San Diego to perform some beloved reggae music on Thursday, June 11th. Arise Roots and Fortunate Youth are known for their modern reggae music, which usually includes special messages. A great crowd showed up for both bands as Top Shelf Reggae indeed saw […]

Suburban Legends ‘Forever in the Friendzone’ album review

What more can be said about the Southern California band Suburban Legends besides how fun, rocking, and entertaining these guys are? Well, since they just released their latest album, Forever in the Friendzone on June 2nd, there is plenty more to be said on their zany, youthful, and FUN music. To start, this album was […]

Oogee Wawa ‘More Sand Than Money’ album review

Oogee Wawa from New York has released their album, titled More Sand Than Money. The band claims to fuse reggae, punk, pop, and hip-hop together and that is exactly what they did in this latest-released album. Hip-hop and rock music is apparent throughout the entire album, and blend well together. A slight skank exists here […]

Cali Vibes Clothing “Support Local Reggae”

Out of Los Angeles, California comes a man with a mission. Not only is Vince Pena’s clothing line, Cali Vibes Clothing, what he considers his very own band, with each design like that of a song, but he appears to be a humble business man with a main goal – to support the local reggae […]

E.N Young and Imperial Sound show review

On Wednesday May 20, E.N Young of Tribal Seeds and his new band, Imperial Sound, played at Over the Border in Chula Vista, California. A local band, Revival, opened the night for the infamous melodica player and singer. Revival is an eight piece band from Chula Vista, although some members may have been missing that […]

Musical Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend in California was quite musically filled for this So. Cali’ reviewer. While most reggae-rock supporters were busy camping and enjoying the fruits of the California Roots Festival in Monterey, this reviewer stayed down south and enjoyed the sounds of North Cali’ in the form of Arden Park Roots, while also […]

Mother’s Day with Gonzo

On Mother’s Day night, Slic Entertainment of San Diego presented Gonzo backed by Beyond I Sight. Known as the “Sade of Reggae,” Gonzo brought his R&B sounding reggae to a very nice crowd. Top Shelf Reggae arrived just in time to catch Iya Terra, a reggae rock band from Los Angeles. Known as the “Sade […]

Bright Days coming up for Giant Panda

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is at it again, bringing their fans new tracks on their highly-anticipated Bright Days album due May 18. The boys from Rochester, New York have again teamed up with producer Craig Welsch (10 Ft. Ganja Plant) to bring music deemed as an “American Beauty-era to African-inspired instrumentals to early Neil […]

Latin night in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Bachaco from Miami, Florida ventured all the way to San Diego, California to bring their Latin reggae flair to 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach. On Point Promotions was there to bring yet another great show, though this particular one included a modern, global sound. The way the band incorporated hot-steppa music, the skank, and […]

Blaze ‘N’ Glory Festival 2015

On the base of the Angeles National Forest near Lake Arrowhead in California, the Blaze ‘N’ Glory Festival will bring music and fun to the forestry area. Taking place at the San Manuel amphitheater in San Bernardino, California, this hip-hop, reggae-rock festival has plans to include carnival rides and a vendor village, along with ample […]

New Kingston’s 2015 “Kingston City Tour”

Starting on March 17, 2015,  New Kingston from Brooklyn, New York will start their spring tour in California and then head on over to Ohio and even Virginia. New Kingston is bringing their modern-day reggae music to various venues with the likes of Arise Roots and Kimie from Hawai’i. After just releasing their latest album, […]

Tribute to the Reggae Legends 2015

It’s that time in February again, not only to have celebrated what would have been Robert Nestor Marley’s 70th Birthday, but to also honor reggae legends who have helped spread messages of love and hope. Although SOJA was an American reggae nominee for The 57th Annual Grammys Awards among top contenders, such as Ziggy Marley […]