Mammoth Reggae Fest 2021: Day Three

The third and last day of Mammoth Reggae Fest 2021 started with Eureka Sound — a roots and jazzy reggae band from Orange County. They had Glen Holdaway, Liam Robertson and Yoshua Molle from Tribal Seeds as special guests to play horns, as well. Their roots and jazzy sound set the vibes for what was to come later on. During their set (and throughout the whole day, really), it began to rain unexpectedly. Yet, despite the weather, Ital Vibes was ready to rock, all the way from Long Beach! Their set was very energetic. Lead singer Dread Kennedy moved all around the stage and got the crowd dancing and grooving. After Ital Vibes was Kyle Smith, a punk-meets-reggae rock artist from Ventura, CA. Out of all the three days, his set was the most lively!

During Kyle Smith’s (punk-infused) song “Make It Through”, the whole crowd was moshing along in the rain and having a blast doing so!

Last up, to close out the night and festival, was Josh Heinrichs, in Mammoth all the way from Springfield, Missouri. He was backed up by Eureka Sound and Dread Kennedy, which made his set even better. Towards the end of his performance, he pulled up very special guest, Shakamon, which was a very special treat!

After the music had finished, everyone backstage all stuck around to hang out and get food! This year’s Mammoth Reggae Festival was a huge success for all reggae bands and reggae lovers alike. 

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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