Arise Roots ‘Love and War’ album review

Arise Roots is a five piece band from Los Angeles, California. It’s been a while since we heard true reggae vibes produced in modern reggae music from California. Sure, many bands specialize in their craft, but the vibes Arise Roots brings in their music is mesmerizing, and we can’t help but think how it is […]

‘Red’ is the new Irie

Gonzo, a musician bouncing around the reggae-rock scene, has put his Red album out into circulation. With this sophomore album comes irie vibes and a Rhythm-and-Blues sound we haven’t heard in a while! Sure, Gonzo is known as the “Sade of Reggae” and it appears he is keeping up his key sound with roots inspired […]

77 Jefferson ‘Let Me Know’ EP review

In five short tracks, any listener of 77 Jefferson’s new EP will feel like they just experienced the projection of a great relationship The Midwest isn’t an area particularly known for manufacturing notable reggae music, especially not of the island or California reggae variety. However, the 77 Jefferson boys out of Kansas City, Missouri like […]

KBong’s Hopes and Dreams album review

Kevin Bong, aka. “KBong” is a Hawaiian born and San Diego native, multi-instrumental artist who is well known for his ‘key’ role in Stick Figure.  Kbong’s first ever full solo studio album dropped June 17th, 2014 titled Hopes and Dreams which is now fully available on iTunes and Amazon. KBong has built up an significant […]

Sun-Dried Vibes ‘Back2Square1’ album review

Sun-Dried Vibes is a band from South Carolina bringing modern reggae-rock music to the East Coast. They recently released their sophomore album titled, Back2Square1 in which Top Shelf Reggae had an opportunity to check out what kind of vibes this band is bringing from the East Coast to any coast! The guitar definitely sways their […]

‘Representing’ album review from Tribal Seeds

True to their roots and sound, California-based Tribal Seeds’ fourth full-length release, Representing is doing just that.  With an array of cameos from some of the most prominent artists in reggae music today as well as featured verses from their own members, this self-produced, 12-track flagship of modern reggae music helps to bring a refreshing […]

‘Oakland Loves You’ album review from Midnight Raid

2014 is turning out to be a big year for many artists in terms of album releases, touring, and the overall magnitude of forward momentum. This is very much the case with Oakland’s own Midnight Raid, which released their very first full length studio album this year titled Oakland Loves You. Midnight Raid describes their […]

Bad Neighborz self-titled album review

Busting out of the northern suburbs of San Diego County, Bad Neighborz keeps the good vibes heavy and the subject matter light on their new album, all in favor of the ever-sought after sweet and sunny California lifestyle! In impressive top-quality packaging, this CD is worth its weight – for each song has such uplifting […]

‘Burning the Midnight Oil’ album review from Arden Park Roots

Award winning reggae-rock band Arden Park Roots released their fourth full length album, titled Burning the Midnight Oil. The predecessors to this album, Pipe Dreams which launched in 2011, debuted at #2 on iTunes and has remained in the top 100 for over two years. Many patient fans waiting eagerly can now pick up APR’s […]

Piracy Conspiracy album review

Piracy Conspiracy makes their style known within just first few bars of the opening track off their self titled debut: hard-hitting, horn driven, roots music.  The San Diego based group is a merging of Piracy (aka Gloria Melissa Carballo), a versatile MC with a self described “digital ragamuffin style” and the band Conspiracy.  Not only […]

The Steppas ‘To You From We’ album review

Less than two years since their first self titled EP release, the latest and first full length album from the five man Hawaiian crew, The Steppas, dropped last week titled To You From We. Like any other exceptional album review, we put the latest studio album from The Steppas under a sizable microscope and examine […]

True Press ‘Anything is Possible’ album review

“Bring people together, rise up, unite and enjoy life!” is the simple, yet compelling message coming from the six piece progressive reggae band straight out of Southern California. True Press has had a rough uprising in their hometown, “borrowing” electricity from their neighbor’s home to power the jam sessions that took place in an abandoned […]

Ease Up self titled album review

Ease Up is hitting the road to promote their self-titled, full-length debut album which hits digital stands on March 4th 2014. Ease Up is a band from both Los Angeles and San Diego, California- originally coming from the Los Angeles area, but also planting roots in San Diego County, and enjoying its scene as indicated […]

Sono Vero ‘Roses for the Reckless’ album review

With three singles and two EPs already under their belt as of last week, along with an expeditiously growing loyal fan base, the Southern California boys are making another mark in the charts with their latest studio EP release titled Roses for the Reckless, which most fittingly released on Valentines Day. Sono Vero’s first self-titled […]

Krooked Treez ‘Higher Place’ album review

Like what New Orleans is to jazz, or Seattle was to grunge, Southern California as of late has been the absolute hub of reggae rock.  With an abundance of artists originating from SoCal, it is undeniably difficult to break out as a band and differentiate yourself from the rest. Krooked Treez debut album Higher Place […]