Bumpin Uglies ‘Beast From The East’ album review

Reggae, rock, punk, ska, hip hop – those are the main ingredients that make up the Annapolis-based band Bumpin Uglies. An enigma of sorts, the Bumpin Uglies boys is celebrating a decade of playing music and their punk-rock ethos with their fourth full-length album, Beast From The East. And, yes, this beast of an album […]

Mellow Mood ‘Large’ album review

Italy’s premiere reggae roots band, Mellow Mood, is taking a stance against capitalism, materialism and fake news in their forthcoming full-length LP Large, out April 6th off La Tempesta Dub and Believe Distribution Services. Fueled with frustration over the current state of global affairs, this Italian five-piece is calling for unity, equality and, at the […]

Exploring the ‘Enter the DARENOTS’ EP

Canadian hip hop/reggae/industrial band DARENOTS are back with a vengeance in their latest EP, Enter the DARENOTS, available everywhere off LAW Records as of March 2nd. Following their inaugural full-length album The Now is Truth in 2016 and a three-song EP Strange Love last year, the DARENOTS boys are currently on the fast-track to becoming […]

Rebelution releases new track “Celebrate” from new album

Music lovers around the world haven't seen much new material from California based Rebelution in what feels like ages. However, that strange emptiness will all change. That’s when the GRAMMY-nominated group released their brand new track “Celebrate,” the first in a series of monthly singles to be released on the last Friday of every month […]

The Ries Brothers ‘The View From Outside’ album review

To summarize early, this really is a genuinely attractive and overall smile-inducing set of 13 tracks from Florida’s The Ries Brothers. There are some really thought provoking lines scattered about the album; some of which will drift over you of course, but some which really do weave their way into your brain and are hugely […]

The Green ‘Marching Orders’ album review

The Green’s new album, Marching Orders, has all the relaxed guitar riffs, lush vocals, and nostalgic lyrics you could hope for in an early fall release. With the members of The Green’s varying instrumentations and awe-inspiring harmonies, Marching Orders isn’t the kind of fall album you’ll have playing in the background, but the kind you’ll […]

Long Beach Dub Allstars release first new music in almost two decades

The legendary Long Beach, California reggae outfit Long Beach Dub Allstars have reunited and released their first taste of new music in almost 20 years with two new tracks titled “Holding Out” and “Steady Customer”. This is the first new music from Long Beach Dub Allstars since the release of 2001's Wonders of the World. […]

Caleb Hart & The Royal Youths to release debut album

On the heels of releasing his debut solo EP Album Island Soul on June 23rd 2017, Caleb Hart has accomplished yet another achievement with the anticipated release of origiNation album with The Royal Youths. Reggae has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love every part of it. […]

New Kingston ‘A Kingston Story: Come From Far’ review

After crafting three immaculate full albums of outstanding reggae tunes, New Kingston has returned this year with a much more “mature” release, a term that is usually code for either boring or uninspiring. Come From Far is our experience; as a family, as musicians and as human beings living in a world where anything is […]

Simpkin Project announces new album Beam of Light

Orange county’s Simpkin Project possesses a sound that seamlessly utilizes reggae, blues, rock, and Americana. Beam if Light, the band’s upcoming LP, features the six band guitar-fuzz-driven, drum-pounding songs that their fans have grown to love. The LP, produced by Rellee Hayden, is due out on September 22nd, 2017 under on VP Records’ Dub Rockers. Pre-orders […]

The Dubplates ‘Box Full Of Steel’ album review

The Dubplates’ new album Box Full Of Steel is concurrently refreshing and reminiscent. The Charleston, South Carolina based group doesn’t seem to care about proving themselves as genre bending or cutting edge since their songwriting, and musical sincerity shines beyond anything real. The Dubplates is undoubtedly playing the heck out of their songs in concert, […]

The Holdup release new single “Solid”

Since the critical acclaim success of their 2011 debut album titled Still Gold, reggae and music lovers have been clamoring and anxiously waiting for new music from California based reggae band The Holdup. Since releasing their debut album the band has garnered a great deal of commercial success and moved on to sell tens of […]

Christos DC’s announces fourth album release

Raised by parents who sang opera and taught voice professionally, Washington, D.C native Christos DC will release his fourth album titled Tessera, on July 28th through Honest Music.  “Love is the frequency of which the Creator works through one another” It was Christos' great respect for the music coming out of Kingston, Jamaica that led […]

Lion Heights ‘Same Situation’ album review

There is a slight novelty aspect to the way the four-piece Texan band Lion Heights dazzle their listeners on their latest release to the world titled Same Situation. Their musical chops are undeniably, flashy versions of what you would hear come out of legendary artists like Bob Marley or Gregory Isaacs. The 11 track album loosely pays tribute […]

Jah Sun’s ‘Between the Lines’ album review

The Humboldt, California native Jah Sun found his calling as a reggae artist through the music of Bob Marley. After educating himself about Rastafari and converting to a healthier lifestyle, Jah Sun released his debut album The Height of Light in 2006. “Music is a very powerful and mystical force. It speaks to people on […]