Layne Tadesse ‘For The Love’ review

Layne Tadesse, who is based out of Southern California, has come out with a solo EP called For The Love. If one thinks of Tadesse’s high energy, then he or she will surely find the same energy on his new solo album. The album continues with more packed energy and awareness to keep striving The […]

The Meow Meows: “Friends On Benefits” new video, new EP

There’s a riveting ska scene shifting and shaking up the UK and stuck right in the middle of the upbeat, skanking madness is The Meow Meows, a nine-piece ska-punk sensation out of Brighton. Formed in 2005, The Meow Meows have since released one full-length album entitled Somehow We Met with the help of renowned sound […]

Thrive self-titled EP review

Thrive from Santa Cruz, California has come out with an EP just released on July 7th. Staying true to their unique reggae-rock sound and various influences, the band once again releases an album true to their roots. Not only is it highly-influenced from the California lifestyle, it is a highly creative album. Not only is […]

New Town Kings EP ‘Pull Up and Rewind’ review

The UK has always been known for being ahead of the game in a variety of ways – and its music scene is of no exception. England, in particular, has several native reggae/ska bands gaining popularity for their aspirations. New Town Kings, a nine-member reggae band out of New Town, Colchester in Essex County, was […]

Shanty ‘Leave Me Out’ EP review

British reggae sensation Shanty has recently followed up their debut single “Blackout” with a new 4-song EP titled Leave Me Out, now available on iTunes among elsewhere. The seven-member band out of northwest London is only one year into the making (formed in 2013), yet has already shared a stage with many a big reggae […]

New EP from The Holdup now available

Since the formation of the current lineup in 2008, San Jose’s finest reggae infused band The Holdup, have monopolized the market for summertime hits. So the group’s latest EP, fittingly titled Have A Good Summer (which dropped on August 26th), comes just in time for the band’s loyal fan base to enjoy their last few […]

77 Jefferson ‘Let Me Know’ EP review

In five short tracks, any listener of 77 Jefferson’s new EP will feel like they just experienced the projection of a great relationship The Midwest isn’t an area particularly known for manufacturing notable reggae music, especially not of the island or California reggae variety. However, the 77 Jefferson boys out of Kansas City, Missouri like […]