Seedless’ new single “Bullet” leaves us trigger happy

On a more savage side to Seedless, the Orange County natives blow away their fans with their new single “Bullet”, reaching more than 1,800 views on Youtube within the first 72 hours of uploading! Resonant of post-millennia punk bands such as Coheed and Cambria or Avenged Sevenfold, the single starts out heavy on walking electric […]

2014 Good Vibes Music Festival wrap up

It was the Good Vibes Music Festival in Lake Elsinore, California for the weekend of President’s Day, and the California weather was sunny and hot for a day in February. Still, the prospect of positive vibes was set for this Cali’ day as vendors aligned the entrance and pathway toward the main stage which included […]

Passafire 2014 Vines Spring Tour

We are proud to announce that Georgia-based rock/reggae band Passafire does not stop with one tour for their recently released fifth studio album Vines, but two! The band plans to embark on yet another 2014 tour in three weeks time to curtail their recently ended, although immensely successful, Winter Brewhaha Tour alongside Ballyhoo! and Pacific […]

Pepper: Winter 2014 San Diego show review

Pepper did not disappoint this packed house at the Belly Up Tavern Pepper played in San Diego County for two nights in a row while touring the Western parts of the U.S. for a winter tour! Although Pepper hails from Hawaii, they have been known to call San Diego their second home, and that remains […]

Valentines Day “I and I” Playlist

The great poet Roy Croft once said, “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”. Those of you who have loved at least once in your life know that this one statement holds especially true. Whether you’re celebrating with a new love, old love, […]

2014 Tribute to the Reggae Legends

The biggest reggae tribute is happening Monday, February 17th in San Diego, California. Tribute to The Reggae Legends is happening at the Valley View Casino Center, a place formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena where some great Bob Fests were celebrated during the last 33 years of tribute to some of the greatest […]

Fortunate Youth West Coast Cruisin’ Tour review

ATTENTION CAL-IF-ORN-IA! The West Coast Cruisin Tour is en route to a central area near you in Northern California and Mammoth Lakes, so you better pitch in gas money, and check out this Hirie and Fortunate Youth combination because there won’t be any other show which will allow these bands to perform so freely, so […]

Dub Side of the Moon 2014 Spring tour

Here at Top Shelf Reggae, Easy Star All-Stars has always held a special place in our hearts since their iconic release of Dub Side of the Moon in 2003 and Radiodread in 2006. These two all time favorites never really seemed to have left our playlists since their initial release. Easy Star All-Stars has racked […]

Jah Maoli – If I Ever (featuring J Boog)

The undeniably smooth Hawaiian Island reggae sounds never seems to get old.  This new track from JAH Maoli featuring J Boog titled “If I Ever” really reinforces the sentiment as the two very strong vocal treatments compliment each other in this extremely well done track. Released in mid January under the fine folks of EKM […]

The Musician’s playlist: Volume 1

Music for many of us, holds a special power to move us mentally and spiritually.  Music is also an outlet for many—it is something familiar and comforting. Anyone who has wiped a tear from their eyes from their most favorite song will know undoubtedly the power of the combination of instruments complemented by soul riveting […]

SOJA 2014 East Coast tour dates announced

Just a month after their South American tour with legendary rock stars Dave Matthews and Incubus, SOJA has announced that they will be hitting the road once again back home in the United States; this time around cruising and performing for the fans in the East Coast. The tour kicks off March 27, 2014 in […]

An exclusive interview with The Expanders

Out of Los Angeles, California comes The Expanders with their fully-inspired, Jamaican-style reggae music! The Expanders may not appear like your usual roots-reggae band; yet, this band has more roots from Jamaican-style music than we have seen or heard right now! With backup vocals setting the tone just right for a roots-reggae rendition, The Expanders […]

“Cali Green Mix” by Mighty Mystic

VP Records, the geniuses behind the Dub Rockers Compilation released in August of 2013, just published an amazing mix to their SoundCloud featuring many hard hitting acts like John Brown's Body, J Boog, Mighty Mystic, SOJA, and the list seemingly goes on and on.  The mix spans nearly an hour and a half, so crank […]

Giant Panda watch

On January 17, 2014, Top Shelf Reggae got to visit Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad at the Belly Up in San Diego, California. Yeah, there name is a mouthful, and so is their music! Mixing ska-reggae with psychedelic rock, this New York band from Rochester brought their East Coast accent to their West Coast tour. […]

New single “Right Time” from Kings & Comrades

Originally starting off as a two-man acoustic band, these Philly natives broadened their footprint, both in terms of the amount of band members, as well as national exposure in a very short time. The achingly beautiful vocals from Jeff McCaughey provides angelic tones Now seven members deep, and about a year since their last studio […]